Tamahagane Bamboo 12cm Santoku Knife
The Japanese version of the Chef’s knife, The Santoku Knife. Translating to “three ways” the Santoku is an all-rounded knife that performs, as its name denotes, 3 cutting functions - slicing, dicing and mincing. Easily slicing through vegetables, fruit and meat,...
Tamahagane Bamboo 16cm Boning Knife
The blade is designed to cut through tough meat and ligaments to release it from the bone.
Tamahagane Bamboo 23cm Bread Knife
The serrated bread knives are characterised by their sections of grooves that run perpendicular to the blade edge to enable cutting without the use of excessive force. Perfect for cutting through hard crusts of bread loaves, baguettes, bagels, and for...
Tamahagane Bamboo 7m Peeling Knife
The peeling knife and will make quick work of potatoes, apples and carrots. It has a small curved blade which is unsuited to any other kitchen task such as chopping or slicing.
Tamahagane Bamboo 9cm Paring Knife
The small all-purpose knife that is known as the Paring Knife gets its name from its function. Pairing is defined as cutting away the outer surface and removing the ends from either fruit or vegetables. Used for the preparation of...
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