Your Tamahagane products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects arising from normal use.

The guarantee only applies to the original purchaser.
• Excluded from this cover are problems arising from:
• Improper use e.g. opening lids, use as screwdriver
• Dropping the knife onto a hard surface
• Use with frozen foods
• Improper washing and cleaning e.g. dishwashing, drip-drying
• Excessive exposure to acidic substances or damp conditions
• Broken tips, nicks in the blade edge and discolouration of the blade are not covered.

Looking after your Tamahagane knife is very important, as improper care can severely damage your knife. Tamahagane blades have edges that are razor sharp. To obtain such sharp edges, they are factory sharpened at an angle of 15 degrees. Sharpening at this angle results in a thinner edge, so some words of caution are necessary.
On this page, you will find the information required to care for your knife effectively, including how to sharpen it using the variety of methods recommended, how to clean it correctly and how to store it safely.

Tamahagane knives come out of the factory in Japan with a very sharp edge of VG-5 steel. Tamahagane knives need to be sharpened from time to time to maintain their edge. As a general rule, the best sharpening tool for an individual is one that he or she is going to use. Each tool is different and may be easy or difficult to use depending on the individual and their level of experience or skill.
Tamahagane recommends that you use a recognised brand of whetstones e.g. Minosharp which have been tested and manufactured specifically for the VG-5 steel that is used in the Tamahagane blades, but you may also find success with other brands of whetstones.

It is recommended that you wash your Tamahagane knives by hand using a mild detergent. After washing, rinse with water and dry thoroughly with a towel. Tamahagane knives should NOT be put in the dishwasher. Doing so will damage the sharp edges should they come into contact with other objects in the dishwasher. In addition, exposure to extreme heat and powerful detergents found in dishwashers is harmful to the blade material. Using a dishwasher will cause the knife to rust and invalidate the guarantee.

Tamahagane knives are very sharp and should be carefully stored to avoid accidents and kept out of the reach of small children. Tamahagane recommends use of a knife block, knife roll or magnetic rack to store your knives.

Do not cut with a chopping (up and down) motion. This is not the proper way to cut and only dulls your knife. Cut with a slicing (forward and backward) motion.
Do not soak before cleaning. In particular, avoid soaking in harsh cleaning solutions and any solution containing bleach.
Do not use harsh detergents or cleansers containing chlorine bleach.
Do not use these knifes for any purpose other than for what they were intended, i.e. the preparation of food. Under no circumstances should they be used as a screwdriver, crowbar or wire cutter.
Do not cut on a marble, stone, tile or glass surface.
Do not attempt to cut through frozen foods or bones. If you should slice into something frozen or solid, remove carefully using a slicing (forward and backward) motion. DO NOT twist the knife side to side to remove it. Doing so will bend your edge and possibly chip it leaving a chunk of knife in the solid matter.

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