Samurai Sword

Tamahagane" is at the root of the Japanese Samurai Sword. The name was only used for very highest quality steels. The blades are repeatedly rolled from an original thickness of 20mm to 2mm. The way Tamahagane is produced is an ancient way with a modern technique. By repeated rolling, all impure materials in the alloy are extracted from the material and the blade becomes harder and more durable.

For more than 600 Years

For more than 600 years Japan had the experience of producing the sword called "Katana". San' knives are made from the knowledge that has accumulated since then. The characteristics of the steel are modified, using multiple cladding material which makes the knives very easy to re-sharpen.

Peaceful Life

During the latter part of the 'Edo' era in Japan from A.D. 1680 to 1850 people could enjoy a peaceful life as there was no fighting and the Samurai scarcely used his sword. At that time it was very popular to decorate or trim the swords by various ways of etching, stamping etc., in addition to the function of its sharpness.

Brilliant and Radiant

There are many beautiful 'Katanas' which were made during this period. Incorporating this fashion into the 'San' knives gives another artistic feature to make the knives even more beautiful. The Japanese symbol 'San' means brilliant and radiant in English, thus the knives will shine proudly in your kitchen, creating historic and artistic ambience.


The blade of Tamahagane knives is comprised of 3 layers. An inner core of VG-5 and two outer layers of SUS-410 material. These three layers which start off with an initial thickness of 20mm are rolled and thinned to just 2mm


After the rolling process, the VG-5 material is thinned to just 0.65mm and hardened to about 60 HRC. The two outer layers, being made of SUS-410 remain quite soft, but the softer material protects the hard and brittle core against corrosion and damage. The extremely thin core and soft outer materials make the knife really easy to sharpen.


Tamahagane Knives are made with beautiful laminated wooden handles. Nicely shaped, the handle is comfortable for people to hold either in a commercial kitchen or home setting.

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